Trolley Renewal Project


Blue and Orange Line Trolley service will be suspended between City College and Santa Fe Depot a total of four weekends throughout March and April. Please see below for details.


Rebuilding the Trolley System

Trolley Renewal is a $660 million project to rebuild the Orange and Blue Lines. Low-floor Trolleys are now operating on the entire MTS Trolley network, making trips faster, more comfortable and more convenient for all passengers.

With the low-floor Trolleys in operation, wheelchair lifts are no longer used. Instead, riders who are in wheelchairs or have a mobility impairment may deploy a ramp from either of the two center doors on a low-floor car. Read about boarding and exiting low-floor cars here.

Renovation of eight Blue Line stations has been completed (Barrio Logan through Palomar Street), and construction is currently ongoing at the Palm Avenue, Iris Avenue, Beyer Boulevard and San Ysidro Stations. Work includes new station platforms, next-arrival electronic signs, shelters, track, switches, overhead electric wire and more.

All stations are open during construction and passengers are directed to temporary platform relocations and substitute bus services. (Please see construction updates below for Park & Ride reduction information.)

To stay in the know, check this page often or use the other options listed in the sidebar.

Stay in the Know


Construction schedules can change with little notice. Stay in the know. There are a number of ways you can stay updated on construction closures, detours, and other updates:

This webpage (bookmark it!)



Telephone hotline:
(619) 557-4533

Text message: Text STATIONS to GOMTS (46687) to receive construction update texts (how to unsubscribe)

Trolley station signage: Look for updated Trolley Renewal info panels at station kiosks and A-frame signs placed at impacted stations

On board: Look for the latest Trolley Renewal Travel Advisory, available on buses and Trolleys

(Check the Trolley Renewal box)


Read the latest Construction Advisory Email

March 2015 Construction Updates

• Trolley service is operating on temporary platforms at the Palm Avenue, Iris Avenue and

Beyer Boulevard Stations. Service is expected to transfer to the permanent platform at Palm Avenue by the end of the month.

• NEW! Effective Monday, March 16. Bus service temporarily moving at Iris: Due to construction, bus service at Iris will temporarily move to the parking lot west of the Trolley tracks. Please see below for changes to bus service at Iris Avenue.

• NEW! For four weekends in March and April, Trolley service will be suspended between City College and Santa Fe Depot. Blue and Orange Line service between City College and Santa Fe Depot will not run from start of service Saturday through end of service Sunday the following weekends: March 28-29, April 4-5, April 11-12 and April 18-19. Vintage Trolley service will also be suspended these weekends. Orange and Blue Line riders wanting to get to Santa Fe Depot are encouraged to transfer to the Green Line at 12th & Imperial. To access downtown, please use regularly scheduled bus service on Broadway. Early morning and late night bus service will be added to shuttle riders along Broadway, please look for the bus marked "Trolley Shuttle." View the flier for bus stop information and/or see the map below. Additional details are also available on the construction advisory.

• Park & Ride reductions:

     - Parking at Palm Avenue and Iris Avenue has been reduced to 40 spaces each.

     - Beyer Boulevard parking has been reduced to 25 spaces through June 2015.

     - Additional parking is available at Ocean View Church, located at 2460 Palm

       Avenue (about 1/4 mile from the Palm Avenue Station). Overflow parking is also

       available at 8th Street, 24th Street, E Street, H Street and Palomar Street Stations. Call

       (619) 234-3004 to get a trip plan to ride the bus to one of these stations.

• There will be night work on the Blue Line track between the Iris Avenue and Beyer Boulevard Stations March 2 - 5; between Palm and Iris Avenue March 9 - 12; and at Beyer Boulevard March 16-20 and March 23-27. Work hours are 7 p.m. through 4 a.m. This work includes removing the existing track and replacing it with new track, and requires use of lighting and heavy machinery. This work must be completed during the Trolley system’s non-operation hours, as crews work directly on the tracks. Crews will minimize any noise or dust impacts as much as possible. We appreciate your understanding as we work to complete the final phase of the project.


View the latest construction advisories on


Additional Materials (click to view PDF)


Construction Timeline

Construction Map

Fact Sheet

Ongoing Station Construction

Downtown Trolley Station Closures

Due to ongoing track work, the Blue and Orange Lines will not serve the City College, Fifth Avenue, Civic Center, America Plaza and Santa Fe Depot Stations the following weekends: March 28-29, April 4-5, April 11-12 and April 17-18. Please use one of the following regularly scheduled bus routes on Broadway to accomodate: 2, 7 (Saturday only), 215, 235, 992.



Iris Avenue Trolley Station Bus Stops

Due to construction, bus stop locations for routes at the Iris Avenue Station will be temporarily relocated beginning Monday, March 16 until further notice.

Buses will move to the parking lot west of the Trolley tracks. Signs will be posted directing riders to and from bus stops and Trolley platofrms. Please see below for temporary bus stop locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are riders be affected by the Trolley Renewal project?

MTS is working to minimize the impact on riders, but with station and track closures necessary to complete construction, riders will have to adjust their travels. The majority of the closures and need for bus bridges will happen on the weekend. MTS will supply bus bridges when stations are closed, and will notify riders through station announcements, a telephone hotline, station signage and this website. MTS recommends staying up-to-date on construction closures.

Why do the Trolley Renewal project now?

The rails and equipment on the Blue Line are 30 years old and have far exceeded their original expected use. MTS is beginning the project now in order to avoid delays and breakdowns in the future. Also, the installation of additional rail crossovers between stations will allow MTS to provide service during temporary delays, ensuring smooth riding in the future.

How is the Trolley Renewal project funded?

The funding sources for this project are TransNet II, California Proposition 1B bonds, and the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. This money comes to MTS designated for capital improvements to the system and cannot be used for day-to-day operations.

Why do we need low-floor Trolley cars?

Low-floor Trolley cars offer a significant advantage over high-floor vehicles. Since the floor of the low-floor cars is level with the station platform, boarding and exit times are reduced for all riders. The low floor also provides enhanced ADA accessibility and eliminates the need for wheelchair lifts.

The new low-floor vehicles are 81 feet in length, which is nine feet shorter than the 11 S-70 low-floor vehicles that MTS currently uses on the Green Line. The shorter length will enable the new vehicles to be used on C Street in Downtown San Diego without blocking intersections. This will allow the Green Line to come downtown, terminating at 12th and Imperial Transit Center and eliminating the need to transfer at the Old Town Transit Center.

When will we see new low-floor Trolley cars?

The new low-floor vehicles began running on the Green Line on Monday, October 3, 2011! The Green Line is now completely running the new low-floor Trolley cars. Low-floor cars are scheduled to begin operating on the Orange Line in January 2013, and on the Blue Line in 2014. These dates may change due to construction schedules.

How do I unsubscribe from the Trolley STATIONS construction update texts that I am getting from 46687?

Please send the message STOP STATIONS to the number 46687 and you will be unsubscribed from future construction updates.




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